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Welcome to The Breathe Key
Your key to living
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The Breathe Key is all about providing keys to mindful breathing for those new to but interested in the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Not to state the obvious here, but a key unlocks things! My hope is that you'll find the keys given here unlock new paths for you on your life journey, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Here you will come across my Blog Keys, Keycasts, (my term for Podcasts), Key People and learn about my teachings on Key Spaces.

Where to start...

The Breathe Key offers you a simple path to follow, the "10 Keys Tool Kit", (10 KTK). This tool kit includes the first 10 Blog Keys and their corresponding Keycasts. So start from Blog Key 1, and continue through to 10. Enjoy the Keycasts that compliment them and once you're done, you've completed the 10 KTK and you're ready to delve deeper. Log-in and become a site member, giving you access to even more support.


Following and completing this tool kit will give you a good foundation on which to start your journey into mindfulness and meditation. Together, we will cover the very basics of how to breathe, all the way up to practising your first Key Space. On the way, you'll learn about your sympathetic nervous system and how your breathing affects it. You'll learn how to trick your brain through visualisation. You'll find useful guidance on how to zone out of that voice in your head, into your heart voice. You'll also learn a couple of key breathing techniques including 10 key tips to help you get the most out of your quiet times. 

"When you listen to your heart, you're able to open the door".

~Paulo Coelho~

To Read

From basics and beyond in short, easy to read blogs, to encourage, inspire and challenge.

To Listen To

Audio guides. Some wtih supporting blog keys, others providing soul food. 

To Buy

Recommending books covering lots of inspirational topics to support your life journey.

To Connect To

Professionals to support your life journey, through physical, emotional and spiritual support.

Become a Member

Once you have completed the 10 Keys Tool Kit, become a Breathe Key Member and get exclusive access to member-only pages, information, offers and guides to support and encourage you on your journey. Simply create your own private account by logging in at the top of any page and you're all set. The first member-only page is "Key Space TK", located under "Key Spaces".

You can always subscribe, (at the bottom of the page), and be kept up to date by my newsletters. The Breathe Key Members will automatically receive them.

This site is for those new to mindfulness or meditation, who don't know where to start. Maybe you want to lower anxiety or stress levels. Help your depression. Cope better in challenging situations. Need to reduce anger levels or slow down the time it takes you to become irritated. You could be looking to sleep better. Or maybe you simply want to get more in touch with yourself and learn how to raise your self-esteem.

The good news is that an everyday key can be found within the simple act of breathing. It is the foundation block, a cornerstone to build other tools on. It is not a magic wand and will not remove any need for further support, like clinical or psychological, but it will definitely help with the management of your emotions and day to day life, while you seek out more support should you need it. For this reason, I also link up with other specialists for you on this site.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it can support us in every area of our lives and when connected with meditation, be truly transformative.


In a few simple steps, I hope to help you find your key to unlock your own peace, inner harmony and the new life you are looking for.


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