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Unlocking treasures.

New Blogs

  • Intention Pathways Part 1

  • Intention Pathways Part 2

  • Past is History. Future is Mystery

Check out Blog Deeper below.

These blogs are also published on the Flipboard app free to download on iOS and Android devices.

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Blog Keys are going audio!

Very soon you will be able to listen to your favourite Blog Keys on the go.

All Blog Keys will be recorded into Keycasts and available on the Keycasts page or on many major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud and the Pocket Casts app. Just search for The Breathe Key to access these and all Breathe Key Keycasts.

They are all free to download.

Cactus on Yellow Wall

The 10 KTK

Blogs 1 to 10 follow on from each other, so I recommend they are read in order.
Blogs 1 to 4 offer a basic foundation to mindful breathing and blogs 5 to10 go deeper. 
Blogs 1 to 10 therefore create your "10 Keys Tool Kit", (10 KTK) providing you with a good foundation into mindful breathing and the basics of meditation.
Each blog has one 'Key' inside, a nugget of wisdom to take away.
Some blogs will have supporting Keycasts, which are noted inside the blogs.
Blogs 11 onwards in Blog Deeper below, go beyond your 10 KTK, deepening your journey.

Blog Deeper

Blog Keys 11 onwards...

These blogs go much deeper than the first 10 blogs of the 10 KTK above.

They assume you have the knowledge gained from completing the 10 KTK.

You can read them in isolation but they will use language and concepts explained in blogs 1-10.

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