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Michael Stephens Joins Key People

Michael is the latest addition to our Key People page and deservedly so. As co-founder of Create Space, he is a huge advocate of wellbeing and mental health.

The Breathe Key is now on Amazon Podcasts

"Alexa, play the podcast, The Breathe Key". Yes, The Breathe Key is now on Amazon Podcasts. Which means they are now available on 5 online platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Scott Graham offers group Pilates spaces for only £5.

Scott, from the Key People page, is currently offering online group Pilates sessions for only £5 per person, per session. Also a free class if you refer a friend to one of the sessions! Check out his video on the Key Tool Kit page.

Jeanette Wagner Joins Key People

My dear friend and amazing life coach, Jeanette joined the Key People page over the summer. Check out her mini-bio and click her photo to connect.

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Collated for World Mental Health Day, here is a video of top tips on self-kindness, taken from a series of Breathe Key interviews, from some truly wonderful people. Also available as a Keycast to listen to, be inspired with things to do, to show yourself kindness.

Watch here or listen to the Keycast
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Blog Keys are going audio!

Very soon you will be able to listen to your favourite Blog Keys on the go.

All Blog Keys will be recorded into Keycasts and available on the Keycasts page or many major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, Soundcloud and the Pocket Casts app. Just search for The Breathe Key to access these and all Breathe Key Keycasts.

They are all free to download.

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